Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sound of a train whistle

Off in the distance I can hear a train whistle and it sounds so welcoming.  I wonder where the train is heading and where it's coming from.

Taking a train instead of another mode of transportation can be such a change.  It may not be any faster than driving, but it gives you a chance to relax and see things differently.  A train can sometimes take you through areas where there isn't a road close by, and other times you will be right beside a road.

Trains have been around for years, and it is amazing how many people have never taken a train other than their community trains, such as Go Transit or TTC.  A train will get you to small towns and communities where commercial flights don't go, and show you a different view of things.

I have taken a train between cities, and I found it so relaxing, and it gives you time to think, work or recharge.  Listening to the sounds of the train can also be a soothing sound.

The whistle blows again in the distance, and now it fades away.  An adventure is happening for someone and someone else may be left behind only to see the train fade away in the distance.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Running in the rain

Children seem to have so much fun playing in the rain.  Why, when an adult is running through puddles and laughing, do other adults look shocked and/or displeased?

This is something that has always amazed me, and it recently happened to me.  We were out, and it started to rain while we were in a store.  Yes, I could have maybe waited under an overhang to see if the rain let up or stopped, but what's the fun in that.  What is a little bit of rain when it's hot out.  So, instead of waiting like others were doing, we decided to run to the car.  Running through the parking lot and splashing through puddles made me start laughing as it brought back wonderful memories.   Of course, everyone that saw us running either looked displeased or shocked, but it was fun.

Being able to find joys in the simple things in life can add so much joy to your life.  So, maybe, the next time it rains, and it's warm out, run through some puddles for fun.  Who cares what the other people's reactions, and know at least you are having some simple fun.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blogging and why I do it

Blogging is a method of expressing yourself while also sharing your thoughts/activities with others.  Some individuals put everything out on a blog, while others put just highlights of specific activities.

A blog can also be used as a method of getting feedback from others on ideas for articles or stories.  If you are going to use a blog in this manner, you must be prepared for both positive and negative feedback.

Blogging can also help in resolving writer's block, as it's a means of getting ideas documented and available for future use.  A blog can be a public method of tracking ideas which can be easily accessed no matter where an individual is, as internet access is all that is required to retrieve information.  Looking back through even a personal blog can spark ideas and bring back memories.

One thing I see people forgetting is that once they post something on the internet, it's available for everyone to see.  Some memories are best to be documented privately and not through blogs, as they will be around for years to come.  An example of this is writing about a child and their activities, as this information will be available when this child grows up, and would they really want the embarrassing stories/activities known by everyone.

Blogging can be a great method of sharing information, but it's important to think about what you are posting.  A blog if on the internet can be available to search engines, so it can be found by anyone, not just by those who follow you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To Do Lists

How many of us have the "To-Do List" that we look at from time to time.  If your list is anything like mine is, it just keeps growing.  My list gets some items marked off, but then more items get added, sot the list never goes away.

Sometimes I think I should have a bunch of different lists to help me see I am getting things accomplished.  Maybe the lists should be:  today, this week, soon, at some point, possible future items and dreams.  Maybe splitting things out like this would help me feel that I am truly getting things done.

If I had a To-Do for just today, maybe I would see results while the other lists could grow.  I know, in perfect time management, you make your to-do list for your work day late in the day before.  I find in IT we write up a to-do list the day before only to have it totally destroyed the next day due to issue that need our immediate attention.  Maybe in real life a weekly to-do list is the best because then you can concentrate on getting things done but still have some structure to your week.

A To-Do List is supposed to assist you in accomplishing things, not adding additional stress to your life.  As both an IT and a non-IT professional, I need to be flexible to meet the different demands on my time, but also get things off my to-do list.