Tuesday, April 30, 2024


When I tell people that I like writing, they look at me like how can someone enjoy sitting and writing? Well, for me, it is quite simple as it is something that I like doing, and it makes me happy. For me, sitting either at my computer or using my tablet for notes and simply writing on paper, I enjoy getting the various notes down.

For me, writing can be an escape from what is going on around me, especially when I sit and work on some of the little stories that I have been trying to move forward. These little story ideas that I have gives me a chance to explore different thoughts and ideas, and maybe one day I will have some stories that I will post somewhere. It would be nice if I could find some more time to focus on the stories because I have some that are slowly getting moved forward while others are just sitting with little notes made. One day, I will work on these stories and will see what happens to each of them.

I do enjoy writing for work and that is something that helps others. I am a trainer and documentor, so that means I am writing the different courses and manuals, as well as guidelines. It makes me happy when I can someone understand and learn from what I have been able to write. When I am talking to someone in the IT profession, and I mention, and I love writing, they really look at me odd because most people in IT don’t like writing documentation.

Another way that I get to enjoy my writing is through the different blogs that I write. When I look at the amount of writing that I do, it makes me happy. I have two blogs that I write, and they are both different as one is craft related and the other one is this blog. I then also write for our company blog, so that is again written differently. It makes me happy to see that I can write blogs and each of them have a different focus.

Writing is something that makes me happy and when I can’t sit and get the words out of my head, I start to get frustrated because I know that there are words that just wanting to come out. One thing that I have found that helps me get more writing done is to put my ear buds in without any music playing, and it gives me the quiet that I need sometimes to get the words flowing again. 

Writing for me is something that I enjoy doing and if I can assist someone by teaching them something or even getting to think differently about something I am happy. Write to me is what I do and if people can’t understand why I love doing this, it’s ok because at least I know I am doing what makes me happy.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Don't dare me

Recently, someone said to me that there was no point going over their head and talking to their boss or anyone else because the answer would still be the same. Well, something that is interesting to know is even if you don’t personally go over a person’s head, you can get things done. Also, when someone says to me don’t you dare, that is them trying to show me that they feel they are superior to me and that isn’t going to sit well with me. It is interesting how some people feel that they are the ones in control of a situation and don’t want to either provide you with the answers you need to resolve something or listen to your questions. This is what happened in this situation and after weeks of asking for some information which I never did receive, I talked to a friend about it. This friend is someone that I trust, and some simple words got things changed. I didn’t go over the person’s head, this friend used their influence to help me resolve the issue.

The simple thing of saying to someone, oh, you can’t make that turn because we should have turned there can result in some funny situations. In my case, we were out for a drive, and I said to the driver, oh, we should have turned left right there, but you can’t make the turn. Well, the driver made the turn and yes it was a sharp turn but my pop which was sitting in a cupholder didn’t make it and I ended up with a shoe full of pop. So yes, I dared someone and ended up wearing my drink. It was funny how it happened and to this day we laugh about this. I got out of the car to walk into a winery and all I felt was one very squishy foot in my shoe.

In some cases, a dare can be a lot of fun, but when it comes to someone trying to show they have overall power, that doesn’t work and should never be done. A dare for fun between friends is something, a dare in a form of a challenge isn’t something that should be done.

So next time someone dares you, remember that fun dares are ok, but when someone is trying to impose power over you, that isn’t something that should be done or accepted.