Thursday, September 9, 2021

Who is that person

 Who is that person that is on the phone with me?   They say they are related to me, but I don’t remember that voice. They know so much about me, but I don’t believe who they are. They say that I am ok, but I don’t understand anything that they are saying.

That person tells me where I am, but it isn’t where I am.  I am scared and alone and don’t understand what is happening.  The person that I thought would be there to support me isn’t there right now.  The voice on the phone says it is them, but I don’t believe them because I think they are reading the information about me off a piece a paper.    

I wish I knew who that person was on the phone talking to me because maybe then I would feel a little better.  I know that I am fine even when everyone else tells me I’m not.  I don’t know that is happening other than I am scared and alone in my world.