Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The road ahead

Who really knows what's on the road ahead or where it's going to take us.  Some people are not able to handle sudden changes, while others just accept the change and move on.

Accepting the change can be a challenge because of all the unknowns that are involved.  I know I am one of those that likes to know some of what is ahead.  In our life as IT professionals, we must try and foresee what's ahead sometimes, so we can handle the change and run with it.

The current road for IT professionals has lots of different curves and bumps involved, but it's the handling of them that sets people and companies apart.  Having the ability to accept some change and learn about it is extremely important.  Individuals or companies that just stick with the old ways of doing things will either fail or will eventually have to adjust and have a hard time doing so to meet the needs of their clients, or they risk losing their clients.

Being able to slowly adjust to the current changes in IT makes it a lot easier to handle.  Knowing that IT is going to keep evolving is something to accept and is a road that needs to be taken, and how to handle the changes is up to you.

1 comment:

  1. Anticipating and choosing the path of change is generally much easier in the long run than letting change force what you must do.