Friday, March 9, 2012

Setting Priorities

Lately, things seem to have been a little busier than they have been for me, but I am getting so much better at setting priorities and then working through things.  Knowing how to set the priorities and focusing on one thing at a time does really help.

Some of my goals for this year have been getting worked on, while some of the other goals have been ignored as I try and get work done first.  I am learning to ensure that I do take some time for myself because I have realized that if I don't take time for myself, I am not able to focus on the tasks at hand.

Everyone needs to take time for themselves from time to time to ensure that they can recharge their personal battery.  Sometimes a break away from the many projects on your plate can really help you refocus on the multiple projects and get the work done on all of them.  A break can be a day to yourself where you do something for yourself, or it can be as simple as just curling up and doing nothing.

Remember, set priorities and ensure you focus on what is important first to ensure that everything gets done, and you don't end up just spinning your wheels and accomplishing nothing.

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