Monday, May 28, 2012

Allergies in the world today

So many people have allergies in the world today.  Some have the occasional reaction due to seasonal allergies while others deal with life threatening allergies on a daily basis.  Knowing how to face the various allergies is important.

Life threatening allergies are allergies that must be taken seriously.  If someone says they have a life threatening allergy believe them and don't try to see what their reaction is like.  You can ask questions to gain knowledge and understanding to help them avoid the allergen.  If you aren't comfortable dealing with the allergy, let the person know this.  It's better to tell them then try and hide your fear and in turn put the individual at risk.

For the individual with the allergy it is important to know who around them understand and those that have problems dealing with it.  Not everyone can handle everything so it's key to respect those that aren't comfortable, at least they let you know instead of putting you at risk.

Allergies be them seasonal or life threatening can develop at any age.  learn what you can about your allergies and then education those around you.

Allergies are in the world today so we all have to face them.  Knowing you aren't alone is what matters.  I know I'm not alone when dealing with my life threatening allergies and that is what matters.

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