Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Organzing my thoughts

One of my challenges is finding a method that I can keep all my different ideas organized so that when I want to sit and write they are all quickly available to me. The biggest challenge I have with this is I end up noting my ideas in different notebooks and different devices, so the ideas end up all over the place instead of in one spot. Ideas happen when they happen, and I am not going to stop documenting them, I just need a better way of keeping them available to me.

I have tried writing them on paper and keeping a file handy, but there are times that I don't have the file with me, and I want to sit and write. I have also tried to keep the ideas on my iPad, and again I don't have it with me when I want to write, so the ideas aren't there. How can I keep all my thoughts with me all the time? What device or method can I use to achieve this? I have tried Dropbox to store ideas, but it only works when you have internet access and an electronic device handy. So, this is one of the challenges that I am currently facing, too many ideas and no one method seems to work for me.

If I could find a tool that would help me keep track of my ideas and always be with me, I think I would do more writing because I don't have to rethink ideas. I know a lot of people can sit and write something from start to finish, but I am not one of those. Sometimes I can write something all the way at once, and other times I get an idea but can't seem to find all the words to put it together into a complete thought. Another issue is sometimes you get an idea when you can't sit and write due to other commitments.

So, the organizing of my thoughts and keeping them handy is what I am currently dealing with. Yes, way too may ideas and I need a way to keep them organized.

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