Friday, May 24, 2013

Taking Time For Yourself

It is very important to remember that most people need to take time for themselves. Sometimes this time can be easily achieved, while other times it may need to be schedule. When I say scheduled, I mean booked so that something else cannot take that time away from you.

I have booked sometime in my calendar occasionally to ensure I have time for me. It can be a challenge sometimes to take some time to recharge the personal battery. In some cases, the taking time can be a half an hour here and there, while other times it can be a few hours or even a few days.

For me, taking time for myself has meant taking a bit of sleep time away so that I could have some quite time to myself. I can find that I want to write late at night, and I need to do it then sometimes. If I don't get the thoughts written down, I don't sleep, so I might as well get up and get the thoughts onto paper.

Taking time for yourself, is very important to ensure you are there to help others and even do your own job. Remember, when time starts to go crazy, book a little “me time” for yourself.

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  1. Taking some R&R occasionally is such a good time that many organizations mandate it for their people. As some time management people say, its about "sharpening the saw"