Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to routine

It is amazing how one simple date on the calendar can make such a big impact on so many people’s lives.  The date I am talking about it when school starts again after kids have been off for two months.

I don’t have children that are going back to school, but of course my schedule is also impacted.  Bus route times change, and even how many people are on the buses and subway really changes.  For people with children going to school, there are so many different things to think about, such as what time to get the kids up in the morning to if all the homework is completed each evening.

What amazes me about the date on the calendar is just how many people one day can effect, even when they don’t have children to consider.  Now we all have to consider the children out on the street going and coming home from school, as well as all the school buses that are now on the road again.

Yes, the day after Labour Day is a sign of change for so many of us.  The weather may be getting cooler, and the days are getting shorter, but more importantly, we deal with more people on the roads for the next 10 months.

Our routine is impacted by others so easily, and sometimes we don’t even think about that change until it happens.  So, remember, beware of the extra people on the roads as it will impact your timing each day.

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