Monday, December 30, 2013

No Solicitation

Solicitation – In criminal law, it most commonly refers to either the act of offering goods or services, or the act of attempting to purchase such goods or services. (wikipedia)

Yesterday we ran into a situation where people don't respect the No Solicitation sign that is up in our building.

A knock came at our door, and it was a lady asking for money for disabled children in the 3rd world countries. Of course, she just had a laminated piece of paper and didn't show any confidence when she was asking for money. I do not give any money at the door because there are so many scams where people have causes, and it's either them or someone else that gets all the money, and nothing goes to where they are saying it is to go.

Shortly after that knock we got another knock at the door (less than 5 minutes apart) and this time we were handed a gift which was a book and CD from a religious group. Again, another interruption to our day which was frustrating. Before we could get back to the kitchen another knock, and it was the same group, and it was because the girl thought she had given us her clipboard. I did yell “What now” before we opened the door because it was frustrating. Of course, the girl had found her clipboard before we answered the door.

People do not understand what they are doing and why it is wrong. We have had situations where people tell us they live in the building, so it's OK for them to knock at our doors and ask us to buy things or donate time or money.  We continue to try and explain what is wrong and people quite often apologize to us, but we then hear them knocking on the next door as soon as we close our door.

NO SOLICITATION means do not knock on someone's door asking for their time, soul, or money. Also, do not knock on my door to offer me something for FREE. Free is never free when you are standing at my door.

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