Monday, March 3, 2014


I posted at the beginning of the year that I wanted to write on average 500 words a day for the entire year. Of course, people laughed when I said that, I asked me why I would want to track my word count for an entire year.

For me, I have had challenges writing and not knowing what words to put on a blank page, so decided that just writing might help me. So I worked on this goal last year and just managed to write the 500 words a day for the year with some difficulty. The end of the year was a lot better than the beginning of the year for word count. Of course, this means that a lot of my writing is just for me, but at least I am finding that I can write blogs and other required writing a lot easier now.

There are people that call themselves writers and say that they are going to write, but you never see anything that they write, so do they write. For me, making myself accountable even just to me has helped me improve my writing habit. Now, if I don't write during the day, I get upset because I find that even just putting words in my journal helps me feel better about things.

We are face different challenges and for me, it was writing. I have a friend that said in her first blog that she was going to write twice a week on her blog, and that was almost two years ago. Yes, she has posted blog entries, but in these two years there has been 9 blogs instead of the two a week as she stated that she was going to do. Last year we were at an event, and I told her that I tracked my word count each day, not including emails, and she kind of laughed at that idea. She keeps saying that she is a writer, and I haven't seen anything that she has written. Maybe she is a want to be writer and hopes that the more she talks about writing, the better chance she has in starting to write.

So writing is something that I enjoy doing and yes, I do some writing for work as it is part of my job, but the other part I enjoy is working on my blog entries and just writing in general.

Off to do a bit more writing.

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  1. I joined a blog challenge last year - you had a different word/phrase that you had to blog about every day. It was a challenge, but really enjoyable... and got me writing more. How about getting someone to draft up a list for you ... I might know someone ;)