Monday, April 28, 2014


Have you noticed how much we rely on the computer and internet nowadays?

Our computers and mobile devices, be it a tablet or a smartphone, they seem to be with us all the time now, and we don't know what we would do without them and how we survived before them. I guess some people still survive without a computer and the internet, and they manage.

I know that I rely on the internet and my computer for my work because it is difficult to send documents without either of them. I do a lot of correspondence via email with my clients, be it answering an email or sending documents they are going via email, which involves the internet.

There are companies that their entire infrastructure is in the “cloud” so they really need the internet to be working otherwise they cannot function. Yes, a cloud can be in the company, but there are some people that reply on everything being off-site. I always laugh when I hear someone say that they would be able to work even if the internet was down if they had all their files were stored in the cloud and only available through the internet. These are some of the things that we deal with and have to smile when I hear this conversation. These are the people that will only realize that they cannot work when the internet is down when it happens to them.

Yes, the internet is a very important part of most people's daily life now, but you can still function without it. Maybe it means if you need to ask someone a question, you might have to call them to get the answer, but that still works.

So, in some cases, it is nice just having a little bit of time without the internet every once in a while. See, I even wrote this blog while being without my internet, so I still got something done. I will have to post it onto my blog once the internet is back, but at least I got it written.

Note: Our internet and cable were down for 14 hours.

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