Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Having an opinion

Recently I had to deal with an individual that had an opinion on topics (pig headed) and their stand was their opinion was right and it didn't matter what anyone else had to say.

Yes, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion on a subject but they also need to have the ability to listen to other people and their opinion. I figured out how to deal with this individual and it is just to give up trying to say what my opinion is because it is just a waste of my time and energy.

In some cases it is very important to listen to someone else and what they have to say because you may find out that your opinion isn't right. I know that after I have listen to someone else's opinion on a subject I have sometimes changed my own opinion because of the points they have brought forward on the subject.

There are times when it is good to try and convey your opinion to others but then there are times when it is just easier to give up and forget the topic has even been brought up in a discussion. An opinion is something that everyone has on a lot of subjects and you should be able to state your opinion.

I know that I could have argued with the individual that I had to deal with but I figured that it really wasn't worth my time or energy. I have my opinion and I did say it and a lot of other people agreed with my points but this one individual I don't think would ever really admit that their opinion on something wasn't the correct opinion.

Yes please have your opinion on a subject but also listen to what other people are saying as they may have some really good points you haven't heard before

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