Monday, January 12, 2015

Life only throws at you what you can handle

Sometimes it feels like life is against you but everything happens for a reason. There are times when things are rough and it seems like life is against you and then there are times when everything goes right.

People say “life only throws at you what you can handle.” Sometimes when the bad things are happening it feels like life is against you. Of course, bad things sometimes seem to happen in bunches which makes them seem worse and harder to handle. Knowing you can handle the bunches of bad doesn't feel easy when they are happening but quite often they make you a stronger person all around.

When the good things are happening remember that feeling. That feeling of joy can come in handy at other times. Also remembering that the world really isn't against you but sometimes has rotten timing.

So when life is throwing you a lot of things at once remember you can handle it, you are strong enough.

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