Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Times have changed

I want to do a bit of a comparison about how times have changed from when I was growing up until now. Of course it has been quite a few years since I was a child and things have really changed in a number of ways. Here a few things that we didn't have when I was growing up:
  • mobile devices
  • tablets
  • computers at home
  • internet wasn't something we knew about
  • computer games

So I guess what I am really saying is we didn't have the technology that children now a days have grown up with. Of course these are the children that can probably teach me how to use that tablet better than I could figure out myself. Children are the quick learners and they also teach us a lot of other things as well.

Here is what we had when I was growing up:
  • We could play outside without our parents worrying
  • Walking to school alone was acceptable
  • Knowing all the neighbours was something normal.
  • When our parents wanted some time without us we would get “go outside and play”

Here is what children have now:
  • Someone has to walk the children to school
  • Playing outside is now done with supervision
  • People don't know the neighbours because of various schedules
  • When parents want some time they say “go play a video game”

Yes times have really changed since I grew up and in some cases for the better and in some cases for the worse. I don't see children outside playing as much anymore because we don't know who is watching them. The means of entertaining a children is to put on a video game or even some youtube channels and you have entertained the child. What about the basic exercise that we had by running around in the neighbour that is something that children don't have now.

Times have really changed since I grew up and maybe just to have a few of those things back would be nice. I would like where children could play outside more and parents didn't have to worry as much. A means of entertaining a children were the basic toys or paper and glue. The simple things that made us happy aren't there any longer and the children now-a-days have missed some of the fun of letting your imagination just go and the monsters we saw were only in our dreams and under our beds or in our closets.

If you have children try to help me know that not everything is bad in the world today and show them some of the fun things that you did growing up. An imagination is something that is important and helping a child develop that skills can really help them in their future.

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