Friday, August 21, 2015

Time management

I have been doing some research on various time management techniques. What I have seen is you are suppose to document everything that you do in a day. If I were to do that I would need at least another half of a day just to keep track of what I do.

I understand the tracking of what you do when you have specific tasks that you do. For someone that works with client's it is almost impossible to track every thing that can get accomplished during a day. Yes, we do track the time we spend working on the various tasks and projects for clients but that is it. If I were to track everything else that I add in during the day it would look really bad.

The other big thing with time management is they say plan your day the night before. I would like to be able to do that and can do it sometimes. There are days when I can't get things done because something important has landed and I am dealing with it instead of what I originally planned on working on.

I do some time management to ensure that I am getting things accomplished and meeting deadlines and such but I cannot schedule my day too much other than putting a general list of things that I would like to achieve down and hope that they will be achieved through the day.

A calendar is always handy to mark down the specific events, webinars and such that I plan on attending. Sometimes I put in events that I may attend if time permits but I also note that these can be dropped if necessary.

Knowing what time management works for you is the best. Not everyone can use the same process because it really does depend on the individual and the work that they do.

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