Thursday, June 2, 2016

Allergy Season

So many people suffer with allergies and everyone handles them differently.

For some people allergy season can be the stuffed up nose and others it can the extreme headaches due to the sinuses being stuffed. The differences can even be based on the day and what the pollen or allergen is like. There are times when allergies don't seem to be bad and then all of a sudden things get worse.

Allergy season runs for various lengths of time and it depends on the individual. Some people are allergic to a specific pollen or item so they only suffer for a short period of time. There are people who are allergic just to a certain animal and only suffer when exposed to that animal. There are individuals who have dust and/or mold allergies so they can suffer throughout the year.

Allergies are different per individual so that is something some people don't understand. Some individuals think because they suffer a certain way that everyone else is the same. The other thing is for people that don't have allergies and they read about the common reactions and then think everyone will have just what is on the list. The list of reactions are the most common but reactions vary based on individual and even locations. A certain allergic reaction can also vary based on the rest of the environment.

It is always interesting when I talk to others about allergies because there are days when no one would think I have both seasonal and environmental allergies (trees, grass, ragweed, dust, mold and pets). For me, my allergy season varies almost on a daily basis. There are times when pollen seem to really bother me and another time I am fine even when others are really suffering.

As I am writing this I am dealing with the tree pollen and have the sinus headache as well as the stuffed nose. Another day even when pollen are the same I don't have any reactions and some days I just want to hide and let the reactions pass.

Allergy season can vary for everyone and that is what is very important to realize. Allergy seasons vary in length as well as severity and understanding that is important. The other thing to remember is that everyone reacts and suffers differently and list of reactions is just a guideline not the total list of reactions.

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