Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Different environments

Having different locations where you can do some of your work can make such a difference.

I am one of those individuals that can really benefit from having different environments sometimes to do my writing. The environment doesn’t have to be that different but it can make such a difference to me when I want to accomplish something. Normally I have a couple of spots where I do most of my writing and they normally work which is great.

What I have found is that there are times that a different environment can recharge me and get me back to where I am very happy. The different environment can also assist me in getting blog entries written or at least ideas written down. The environment can vary from an office area to a hotel room to even sitting on a patio or balcony. Any of these areas can give me the change that I didn’t know that I needed.

There are some authors that say that they need the different spots to help them get their writing done. It does make sense because always dealing with the familiar surroundings can make things just the same and then nothing happens for a while. Yes, as a writer there are times when the familiar surroundings are great but then having even different sounds around you can make such a difference. The different environment can even be just sitting in a little different area in your office or home. It doesn’t have to be a major difference but even a little change can make a big difference.

I am fortunate that with my job, it means that I am in different locations sometimes. I have noticed that there are times that my writing seems to be so much better in these different locations. I have even found that there are times when we are at a conference that I can sit and write and lose myself. Conferences can be some of the busiest locations but there seems to be something about them that helps me find a focus and get thoughts down that I couldn’t do in the quieter environments.

Different environments can sure make a difference when you are trying to get something done. As a writer of various things, I am finding that the different locations can really help. I am not saying that this would work for everyone but at least I know that it works for me and that is what is nice. Of course, other people can’t work in the different environments because of needing various tools that are only available at one location. Being someone that can work as long as I have something to write on does help. The various little notebooks are always around when I am out and about and then there are the various tablets and computers that are also used for m writing.

Different environments can make a difference and knowing what works best for you is important. If different environments don’t work then you stick with what works for you. For me, my writing is something that I can do in a lot of different locations and I am happy about that.

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