Thursday, April 27, 2017

Breaking a routine

We all have routines that we follow and it can be a daily routine or a weekly routine.

Being able to break the routine sometimes can make such a difference in things moving forward. The break can be as simple as doing something a little different one day just to give yourself a bit of a break. For us, there are days that we can go to a coffee shop for a change and then there are days that we decide it is time to go and watch a movie and go late in the afternoon.

Having the ability to change a routine can make such a difference as how you handle things moving forward. There are times when you can see that the routine is just getting that and it can start to bring you down especially if the routine is something that gets rather boring after a while.

For us we can sometimes schedule a break in our routine and those are the ones that we seem to enjoy the most because they are simple to deal with and they don’t impact others. This year we have done a couple of movie matinees and they are normally late in the afternoon once we know that the clients aren’t going to be in an emergency situation during the business day. Sure it could happen that an emergency call happens while we are in the theatre but we go into silent mode during the movie and quickly check email once the movie is over. Yes, there is a chance we may miss a call during that time but so far we have been lucky and there aren’t been any emergencies during the movies.

When we break our routine and take a week day as a day off we normally make sure that the computer is with us for those calls that may need our attention. We also try and ensure that we aren’t doing something that can’t be changed as for us the clients are how we stay employed so we need to make sure that we can deal with the issues when they arise.

Breaking a routine really isn’t hard and even for individuals that work in an office they can change their routine simply by doing something a little different either at lunch or right after work. If you normally head straight home after work how about meeting for a drink or dinner somewhere other than at home for a change. A little change can make a big difference to our you deal with things and that is what you are trying to do. You need a change and making sure you have those in your schedule every now and again is important. So how about instead of heading straight home from the office tonight you invite your partner to meet you somewhere for a coffee or a drink and see how that feels, you might be surprised.

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