Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I hear too much

There are days when I wish I could turn my hearing down because I hear way too much. I am one of those individuals that has exceptional hearing, and it makes for times when I just want to hide from the world and not hearing anything.

When I say exceptional hearing, I mean that I can hear a lot of those high-pitched sounds that most people can’t here at all. Yes, those high listening sounds are things that I can hear all the time, and it can get to me. It can be a challenge sometimes to ignore a sound when it gets too loud for me. There are also times when I can hear way too much when people are talking around me and conversations seem to overwhelm me, and that doesn’t help either.

Imagine sitting in a room with a bunch of people and being able to hear parts of a bunch of the conversations even when you are not part of the conversation. That is what I deal with, and it can frustrate me, because it means that things that I can normally focus on can become a challenge in different environments. The conversations can get to the point that I can’t even focus on the conversation that I am having because the other voices are just too loud or a tone that gets to me.

I am not the only one that deals with this, as my nephew has the same issues, and it can be a challenge when we are together. We both hear the different sounds, and it means that we are running around trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. We had one time that the two of us were trying to figure out a sound that we could hear and not one else could hear until we discovered it was a spider sensor that my parents had in the kitchen. What this sensor did was to let out a high-pitched sound to keep spiders away. It now gets unplugged when we are over so that we can both manage things better.

Having good hearing can be a great thing, and then it can be something that can also be an issue. When someone says to you that they can hear too much, believe them because they are probably telling you that sounds that you can’t hear that they can hear, and something is starting to get to them.

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