Wednesday, April 4, 2018

My blog - thoughts and moving forward

I have had this blog for almost 7 years now, and I love being able to hide and do some of my writing here because it gives me a way to express things the way I see them.

What I decided to try and do is to go back through the blog entries to see what I can combine and make into either different blog posts or even small e-books, as I have several articles based on similar topics. I haven’t really started this process yet, but as I am sitting and just looking at the number of posts, I am realizing that I have done quite a bit of writing over the last 7 years on this blog. I have lots of different ideas and findings written through this blog that I decided to try and see if combining some of the actual entries would either give me some new ideas or help me expand on some of the ideas that I have been writing about. The review of the blog may also show me some of the similar entries that I have done in the past. They are going to remain on the blog because they have been posted, but may help me figure out a better tracking method of the topics that I am written about.

I spend some time over the last little while collecting all the posts into one document, and have to admit that it was a big surprise when I finally looked at it as one document. Sure, there are going to be some revision of the blogs, but when you look at a 1.5” binder full of pages, you know that there are lots of pages. As I write this blog the book is currently sitting at 607 pages and line spacing of 1.5, and I am not sure if it will go down during the review or if it will increase, but at least I know that I have everything in one document saved in two different spots. No, I don’t want to lose this document after spending the time trying to collect all the blog entries.

The review is going to be a lot of fun, as I can see by just quickly looking at some of the titles that I will be looking at things and remembering either where I wrote the blog post or where the idea came from. I will slowly go through the book, and maybe I will learn about things as I go, and maybe new posts will be written as I start thinking of new ideas.

I love my blog, and it has given me the chance to write and express my views. Not everything has been happy with my blog, but then it is my blog and if someone doesn’t like reading my views that’s fine because there are lots of other blogs out there to be found.

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