Tuesday, September 13, 2022

My ear buds


For a lot of people, they put their ear buds in to listen to music or podcasts while they were going for walks/exercising or commuting to work. I know that I do have my ear buds in sometimes to listen to different things, and then I have my ear buds in sometimes to just escape from the sounds around me.

If you have noise-cancelling ear buds, they do work wonderful when you just need that little bit of time away from all the different sounds around you. I have been known to be sitting at my desk and working and have my ear buds in, but I am not listening to anything. What I am listening to is the quiet that is such a change from the noisy world that we live in nowadays.

I have more than one pair of headphones, and each of them are used for different things. I have quite a few pairs that are noise-cancelling and yes, they require either batteries or to be charged, but for me, they are so worth it.  I have been working on finding the different headphones or ear buds that work for me, and I finally found a pair that work for me and give me the break from all the different noises that I can hear daily.

The ear buds that I invested in were the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 True Wireless Headphones and yes they do pair very well with my Samsung phone which was the first plus for me. I know that they do cost more than some of the other wireless headphones, but these have been such a wonderful investment for me. I did a lot of research before selecting these and what I liked was they had Active Noise Cancellation and Ambient Sound Control which meant I had the ability to select that mode I wanted the headphones to be operating in at a given time.  Besides being able to control the headphones by tapping on them, I can also control them on my other Samsung devices, which is great.

I have three different noise controls on these headphones, and they are active noise-cancelling, noise control off and ambient sound. For me, the setting is normally in active noise-cancelling most of the time, especially if I am home. If I am out and about, I may change the setting, but being able to block out all those other conversations while trying to write in a coffee shop is wonderful.

Yes, everyone has what they like in their headphones or earbuds, and for me, it is being able to escape from all the sounds around me. I also like that quite often no one knows that I am wearing my earbuds. When we are working at home, I have to ensure that I let my husband know that I have put the earbuds in because otherwise he is talking to me, and I am ignoring him because I just don’t hear him.

My earbuds/headphones are something that I can honestly say that I am glad that we picked up because they have helped me escape from all the sounds around me. They have given me the ability to escape into a nice quiet place where I can write and do the things that I enjoy doing.

If you are someone that needs some breaks from all the different sounds that are going on around you, why not to try putting in some earbuds or putting on a pair of headphones, even without any sound. It is such a nice break from all the other sounds that we hear, and it may help you focus on what you are trying to accomplish. My only warning it make sure you let those around you know you have them in, otherwise you may be scared when someone walked up to you without you hearing them. It is now time for me to take my ear buds out, but at least I have had that break from everything else that has been going on around me.

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