Tuesday, October 4, 2022


 Being a creative individual is rewarding in so many ways. Being able to make something with my hands and seeing a finished product is satisfying.

For me, a finished product can be a knit hat, a sketch, a blog entry or a document. The ability to do all these different things can be challenging at times. I find that sometimes I want to be doing more than one of these things at once. Also, especially with the writing parts, I can sit for hours trying to produce something with little or no results, then all of sudden ideas just start flowing. Being able to capture the ideas was one of my biggest challenges, but now I ensure I can write them down quickly and in some cases it’s just a few words and other times it can be a draft of an entire entry or document.

People sometimes say it must be nice to be able to do all the different things I do. I admit it is nice, but it is also challenging. For most of my life I have enjoyed the creative part, but now I am seeing how rewarding it can be.

For me, my handicrafts such as knitting, and crocheting have enabled me to help others. The needlepoint and cross-stitch part have been an escape and I have something to show, and normally these pieces I keep. My sketching is something I have just picked up again, and it’s fun, and maybe one day I will be able to incorporate my drawings into some of my writing. My writing is both a personal and professional part of me. I love writing manuals to pass on knowledge to others, and also writing short entries on a blog about my feelings on various subjects.

Being creative to be is both rewarding and challenging. Seeing the completed piece is rewarding, but getting there can sometimes be a challenge.


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