Tuesday, November 8, 2022



We all have goals that we want to achieve and there are things that it’s easy to do and other things it can be a bit of a challenge. I know that I have a couple of goals that I need to work on getting better at.

One goal that I need to set is to spend at least two hours each day writing or sketching. If I can do this for even the next couple of weeks, I should start to feel better about things. 

My biggest obstacle about achieving goals is myself because I always find other things that need my attention or even distractions that keep me from achieving my goals. Yes, I am my worst enemy when it comes to setting and achieving goals. I am great at setting goals for myself, but it’s the actual achieving them is where I get in the way. One thing I do is not set aside time for myself and stick with it. Too often, I set aside the "me time" only to find an excuse as to why I shouldn’t take that time.

The "me time" is a way for me to recharge my own batteries and even regain some focus. Too often, I just plow ahead and do all the other things that need my attention, forgetting that taking some me time will make the other things go faster and be less stressful. Simple tasks sometimes seem so difficult, and that is probably because I have lost my focus.

If I want to be able to write more often and clearer, I need to write more. This sounds funny in a way, but practice makes perfect. My drawing isn’t something I am doing to make money, but I think my drawing is going to help me write better and be more creative in general.

Yes, I have these goals that I want to start working on because being able to see things moved forward and more of my own goals achieved would be great. So maybe what I need to do is make sure that my sketchbook is always handy with a couple of pencils so that when I have those few minutes even not the two hours, I can work on something, and then I will see how it goes.

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