Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Furniture Placement

Why do hotels and restaurants put their furniture in the most unusual places?

We have been looking at this in various locations and have found that with some hotels why have placed either desks or a drawer arrangement over part of an outlet. This means that you cannot plug your devices in to recharge in these plugs. A lot of hotels don’t have a lot of outlets to begin with, and putting furniture that blogs the outlets doesn’t help.  In today’s world, people have more than one device that they want to use while away, and they also need to charge these things. It is always interesting to see the locations of the plugs because sometimes they are behind a piece of furniture, and you can’t reach them or there just aren’t enough outlets around. It would be nice if more hotels ensured that there is an outlet near the bed so that devices can be changed in the evenings.

Restaurants are another place that have very odd placements of furniture. Pictures are placed on the wall and then the furniture is placed, and it ends up that the picture is partly blocks but either part of a booth or by other items in the restaurant. I have also seen that restaurants have placed pictures with writing on them up at a high level, making it nearly impossible for most people to read the words on those pictures. If you are going to be placing pictures with words on them, make sure that people can see the writing and read it.

Some fast-food starts have started to place outlets near booths so that people can charge devices while they are having their meal. This can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. The advantage is you can possibly top up your device while you enjoy a quick bite, but the disadvantage is that people end up spending hours sitting at a table even when the fast-food location is busy. If you are going to be charging your device while at a fast-food location, please try and limit how long you are sitting there because there may be others trying to charge their devices as well.

The placement of furniture is quite often a challenge, but it would be nice if you could enjoy the environment you are in and not have to fight to plug something in or enjoy that artwork that is hanging on the wall.

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