Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Getting my writing back


For a lot of people, being able to sit and write most days is something that they can’t do. Yes, they can write emails and things like that, but not just write or journal every day. As of when I am writing this, I have been writing or journaling for 3,566 days without missing a day (that is almost 10 years). Of course, there are days when there isn’t a lot of writing achieved, but then there are days when I can sit and lose myself for quite a while.

I do track how many words I write each day, and it has been interesting to see how over the last few years that number has changed. You would have thought that during the Pandemic when everyone was home and unable to do things, I would have had a wonderful writing total. Honestly, it was during the Pandemic that my writing totals went down to some of the lowest totals that I have seen since I started tracking my writing totals. The Pandemic is only part of what impacted my writing, as we have been dealing with family health issues as well. The family health issues are still ongoing, but life is starting to get back to a more normal routine.

Here it is the end of September 2023, and I can finally say that I am starting to write like I did prior to the Pandemic. The writing totals are looking a lot better, and I am starting to get back to being able to lose myself in my writing, which I haven’t done for quite a while. Being able to see that I can lose myself makes me happy, and it also tells me that maybe now I can put my writing back to being important.

Getting my writing bug back and being able to sit and write and enjoy the overall writing is very important to me. I write for work as well as personal, so that means I should be able to sit and write easily. Now that I am seeing the enjoyment in my writing again, I am looking forward to seeing what I can get accomplished in the next little while and maybe get back to seeing more blogs and articles written.


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