Monday, June 11, 2012

Wearing Many Hats

In the world today, more and more people wear numerous hats.  Even in companies, we need to do more jobs than we did before.  There are fewer employees doing the same number of jobs that were done before.  In some cases, the additional hats may be temporary, while in other cases it will be permanent.

The many hats especially apply to small businesses, as there isn't the staff to do each of the jobs.  When you really see this is when you are filling in the various business reports.  Who is head of finance, payable, receivables, sales, IT and even marketing?  In some cases, a lot of these jobs are all handled by one individual, instead of each function being performed by a separate person.  In other cases, some of the jobs are shared by a couple of people and who does it depend on who has the time that day to perform the given task.

Everyone has jobs that they enjoy doing, while other jobs aren't as enjoyable but need to be accomplished.  Making sure you handle each of the jobs you need to do is very important.  Mixing up the order of when you do each job is important so that you aren't stuck doing all the jobs you would rather not do all at once.

Wearing many hats is not just related to work, they can be part of your personal life as well.  How many people have only one hat in their personal life, I don't know anyone that has one hat in their personal life.  Most people have more than one, and in some cases, they wear more hats personally than they do professionally.  Sometimes the hats you wear professionally end up being another hat personally.  For someone that does IT professionally, they normally end up with a personal IT hat because friends and family end up contacting this person for their IT issues.

Wearing many hats can be challenging or rewarding depending on how you handle it.  Don't try to wear too many hats at once, otherwise no job is completed, and you just bounce from one job to another.  Hats can be taken off when you need to focus on a specific task, but they are always close by.

I wear many hats, both professionally and personally, and I know that sometimes only one hat can be worn if I need to focus and accomplish a specific task.

Think about how many hats you wear, you may be amazed.

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