Monday, July 16, 2012

A Day to Dream

We all need time to just sit and dream. The dream may be about an upcoming event or time, or it may be just little thoughts that pop into your head.

Sitting quietly and watching the world go by can sometimes be that dreaming day.  Simply watching the comings and goings of others can be a spark of some dreams.  Thinking of where people are heading can be so much fun.  Where are they taking that bagful of stuff or why are they in such a rush.  Watching others and thinking differently than normal can inspire you.

The mind does need that time to slow down because we are so often rushing around ourselves.  We all have too many things to do in what seems like not enough time.  Making sure we have some dream time is important.

A day to dream can help in many ways.  It can help in refocusing your own tasks, lets your mind solve problems without all the stress of normal, or it can even give you new ideas.  It doesn't really matter what the outcome of your day to dream is, as long as it meant you could escape the daily routine.

On my dream days, I always have some paper and a pen handy.  You never know what ideas or thoughts can come to mind.

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