Monday, January 28, 2013

Slippery weather

Today was a day when people that couldn't drive in slippery weather should have just stayed home.

The weather has been very up and down lately and today was one of those days when we woke up with 6 cm of snow and the forecast was for freezing rain and then rain.  The temperature was just at -1 C, so it meant that the snow was heavy and hard to deal with.  While waiting for a bus, which was probably the best mode of transportation today, I got to watch people and vehicles go by.  One bus that seemed to have problems stopping and going around curves in the road was interesting to watch.  It made it to my stop without too much problem, but that was it.  It got to the next stop with some difficulty but leaving that stop is when it got stuck.  I am so glad that I wasn't on that bus because everyone had to get off it and onto another bus, so they could continue their trip.

People walking didn't seem to have too much problem, but not sure how long that is going to last because if we do get any freezing rain it is going to make the shovelled sidewalks very slippery.  So people that wore running shoes may find it hard to walk if it does get slippery.

The good news is this afternoon we are supposed to get to +4C, so a lot of this rotten snow should start to melt.  The bad news about the melt is if the sewers are blocked with plowed snow the water will have nowhere to go, so it will mean big puddles which drives seem to like driving through and seeing how high the water will spray.  So, let's hope that the temperature rises slowly, so it can make its way to the sewer so that puddles are very small.

So, for people that don't like driving in slippery weather, just wait until tomorrow, as we are supposed to have really nice weather and all of this snow and slippery stuff will be gone.

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