Monday, February 11, 2013


It's amazing to watch people drive when it snows out.  Ontario got a lot of snow on Friday, and some people drove like it was perfectly dry out.  I was able to watch one truck fishtail a couple of times, and I am not sure if he made it to where he was going or not.  The media kept saying to drive slowly and be patient, and you would get to where you were going.

For me, it meant a day to watch people through a window instead of being out in it.  The most amazing thing was listening on Saturday to people complaining about the roads not being plowed on Friday.  I had watched the plows go by at least 3 times during the day trying to keep ahead of the snow but considering we got between 25 and 35 cm in under 24 hours it was a lot for a city to handle.

The city seems to be able to get the roads cleared as much as they could, but it was the cars that were parked on the sides of the roads that made it difficult.  Lots of cars parked on the roads meant that the plows couldn't get close to the edge of the road, resulting in narrower roads.  Hopefully now that the snow has started to melt, things will start to get back to normal.

My advice when it snows like it did on Friday, stay home if you can and avoid being out on the roads and dealing with the individuals that don't know how to drive in snow.

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