Monday, September 7, 2015

Dealing with the stress of life

Of course we all seem to have more stress in our life than we did before and sometimes it is harder to deal with than we would like.

The stresses in our lives can be the ones that we put on ourselves and/or the ones that other people seem to put on ourselves. There are days when just the simple little tasks seem to take forever to complete due to all the other things that are bouncing around in our heads. It can be very difficult when there seems to be too many demands on our time and it feels like there just isn't enough time to get everything accomplished. Of course what happens when we are feeling like that is someone else asks for a bit of our time and without thinking about how we are really feeling we quickly give up that bit of time and then get frustrated later.

There are times where you can get tons of work done and you are feeling like you can accomplish anything and then it hits. That one thing that is added to your already overflowing plate and then it hits you. Yes, you may be getting things accomplished but are they really the things that you should be working on then or are you just trying to avoid some of the other things on your plate. I know that I have done that and I feel great as I am getting things done and then I realize that the most urgent thing hasn't been touched and the deadline is getting closer and closer.

So yes, we are sometimes our own worse enemy because we are the ones that are giving away our rather limited time and adding that additional stress to our lives. I have found that when I start giving away too much of my limited free time it is time for me to sit back and look at what needs to be done and when.

All of us have some stress that is added by others due to the demands of work or home but in some cases we are the ones adding the additional stresses to our lives as we aren't looking at what needs to be done and when.

Making sure that you have some of your own mediation time (whatever you do to think things through) is very important. I have been missing that mediation time lately and I know, that if I could just sit back and look at everything I would realize that things don't look as bad as I thought they did, but just couldn't see it through all the haze I was dealing with in my head.

We all need to sometimes sit back and realize that so much of the stress in our lives is our own doing as we too easily give up some of our time. Next time when someone asks you for just a bit of your time, remember before you quickly answer, think about how many others have asked that same question and how much time do you really have left to give away.

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