Thursday, September 17, 2015

Friendly work environment

A friendly work environment makes it so much easier to do things than some place where you aren't allowed to smile or even laugh just a little bit.

I have heard that “this place isn't summer camp” said when a couple of people have decided to laugh just a little bit. The laughing isn't something that is done all the time but it is something that helps relieve the stress that we all deal with now a days especially at work. Of course a work environment shouldn't be a place where there is always a bunch of people laughing all the time but there are times when just a bit of laughter makes things so much better.

It is amazing how different people handle stress and everything that is going on around us. I have been told that I am too enthusiastic about my work. I enjoy my work and when I am doing something, yes, I will put all my energy into it and show an interest. Something, me just showing being happy is also a means of dealing with challenges that I don't want others to see that I am handling.

A friendly work environment really does make work so much easier to do even when you are really stressed about something. I know that work needs to get done and that is why people go into an office but there also needs to be a chance to smile and be happy about things even for a little while.

So if you are dealing with a location that doesn't allow you to smile or even laugh a bit, that isn't a good spot for you if you want to be happy. I continue to show my enthusiasm on the various projects that I am working on as it makes me feel better and the smiles can be contagious. I am now going to go and put that smile on my face and if people around me don't like it that's their problem.

Do you have a friendly work environment or one that makes you feel depressed?

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