Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sounds around you

Sit back and listen sometimes to the sounds around you. You may be surprised at what you really hear.

What you hear will really depend on where you are when you take the time to just listen to the sounds.
  • If you are out in a mall or such a location you will probably hear a lot of conversations going on around you.
    • Most of what you hear will be a mixture of voices and music.
  • Sitting by the water, you may not hear a lot other than the sounds of the water.
  • In your own home you may hear a lot of different sounds
    • Depending on the time of day or season what you hear at home can vary. Around us we can normally hear cars and public transit vehicles. There are also times when we can hear children outside playing or emergency vehicles approaching the neighborhood.
  • Sitting in a park. Depending on the location of the part the sounds can really vary.
    • You may hear children playing in a play area close by.
    • There are spots where you will just hear the sounds of nature if the park is away from traffic and such.
    • Other parks will still give you the sounds of the city going on around you.
  • Out in the country. The sounds out in the country are so different than in the city. The animals are different and even the vehicles can be different.

Being able to spend some time to just listen to the sounds around you can be interesting. There are times that the quiet can be so soothing will other times you need to hear the multiple sounds.

There are times that I need the voices around me to help me focus on something that I need to do. Other times the quiet is what I need to accomplish the same type of thing. As someone that spends a lot of time writing I find that being able to vary what I hear around me really helps. When you always hear the same things it can get a little boring so changing up what you hear can be great.

Next time you have something that you need to accomplish and your normal surroundings aren't working change the location. Maybe, the change in the sounds will help you get that task accomplished quickly. Listen to the sounds around you and see what the difference is. You may be surprised at how the sounds around you can either help or hinder you in accomplishing what you need to do.

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