Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tell Daddy I Love Him

There is a figurine that means a lot to me and it is “Tell Daddy I Love Him” -- Demdaco
Tell Daddy I Love Him

I received this figurine from my husband shortly after we were married. The figurine means so much to me as I lost my father when I was child. I have always said that I can tell daddy that I love him whenever I want. The figure sits in our living room and there are times that I can look at it and think of being able to say those words to him and him knowing it.

The figurine is of a little boy saying a prayer with two angels beside him. It makes me smile when I can look at it and remember the look at my face when I opened the box to discover this figurine in it. I had only seen the figurine at a collectible show and didn't think much about it. What I didn't realize is that my husband decided that I should have that figurine for myself.

I am my father's daughter as I look like him and in so many ways I have a lot of his mannerisms as well. I now have a nephew that looks like him as well and that makes me very happy. I now don't feel like I was found in the backyard as I was told quite a few times growing up. Not knowing my father meant that there is a bit of a hole left in my heart but I know he is always there for me no matter what.

Being able to say the simple words “Tell Daddy I Love Him” lets me feel like he is always a part of my life. I know my dad is part of my life because I am a part of him and nothing is going to change that. Looking in a mirror and seeing myself also shows me a part of my father that others see in me.

So “Tell Daddy I Love Him” and I say “Thank you” to my husband for getting me this figurine.

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