Monday, November 7, 2016

My favourite sport

For me, I think I have two sports that are my favourite and that is because I can watch them at different times of the year. The two sports are baseball and hockey, but I don't play either of them but I do enjoy watching them.

Hockey would be the first sport that I remember watching because my mom was a very big hockey fan. Hockey was on the television on Wednesday and Saturday evenings in our house when I was growing up. Of course, we didn't have all the channels that are now available so you got to watch the broadcasts that were available and that meant hockey basically two nights a week. Growing up, I also got to like some players and what makes a lot of people laugh is when I say that I had a blue and white room when I was a kid with a giant maple leaf painted on one way of my room. I was a Toronto Maple Leaf fan growing up but it was because of Dave Keon and also that was the team that was on most of the time in our house based on the broadcasts. I also got a Leaf jersey when I was 9 so I wasn't complaining about that either. Yes, I was a girl that loved hockey and went to hockey games from a very early age. Now instead of saying I am a Leaf fan, I say I am a hockey fan because there are a lot of players that I like so I don't cheer for one team. Also with the new channels we get, it means that there are a lot more teams that we can watch on a weekly basis.

My other favourite sport is baseball and that is since I was a teenager when Toronto finally got it's own baseball team. I loved being able to go down and watch some of the games and enjoyed going to both Exhibition Stadium to see some of the early games and then the Skydome/Rogers Centre later on to see games. I have to admit that I am still a Blue Jays fan and have never switched to another team which is something for me. I may like a player or two on different times but the Jays are still the team that I will cheer loudly for.

These are the two sports that I will watch all the time because they are the ones that I love and understand. The other things that I will watch are the Summer and Winter Olympics to see how Canada does during each of them. Now, the Winter Olympics are the ones that I watch a little closer and maybe that is because we are stuck inside a lot more when they are happening so they are a lot easier to watch.

Sports are something that I do enjoy watching and if I am watching them on television I am normally doing something else as well. Either one of these sports can be found on our television at home most of the time and you will see that I will probably be crafting while watching them. No, I don't play sports but at least I can enjoy watching them.

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