Thursday, November 17, 2016

Our website

It is amazing how many people have told us that our website is out of date and old.

Yes, I admit that our website doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some other sites have, but we are happy with our site. The goal of our website is to communicate what we do and not with a lot of flash or things that will distract from the main message. I know that there are going to be people that say we need all the latest and greatest things, but what they aren’t checking is if we are happy with our site.

A couple of the other things that people aren’t understanding that the fancier our website is the more questions we get asking about designing and managing websites. For a lot of people once you say that you are either in IT or you do Technical Writing they figure that you will do websites for everyone. There are a lot of people that design and manage websites and we want to leave that focus to them. Another thing that we are doing is ensuring that our website is safe and is harder to hack and install the latest and most problematic hostage wear on. Some platforms as so easy for hackers to attack and we want to ensure that our website isn’t set up so that is extremely attractive to those individuals.

Every website is designed with a purpose and knowing what the ultimate purpose of the website can make a big difference. I understand that a lot of the marketing people will say our website is old but that is fine with me.

It is always interesting when people look at our site and they mention that they liked how simple it was and easy to find things on. Of course, these are some of people that we like working with because they also don’t want the bells and whistles that are not always needed. We like the KISS principle when it comes to our website as it makes it a lot easier to manage and we can do it ourselves. Yes, we could add more flash to the website but that isn’t what we want our site to look like.

We also recently did a booth at a Small Business Forum and one of the feed backs we got from a marketing person was that our brochures were mostly text and didn’t have a lot pictures in it. Yes, our handouts were a lot of text but that again is what we wanted for our booth. No, it wasn’t the tri-fold pages they were basic pages but they gave you the information about us. Sure brochures have their place and I understand that and maybe we could have had more pictures on our pages but then the number of pages would have increased and the message would have started to disappear.

Our website and even our handouts were designed to work for us, so that we can communicate our message. We are simple and skilled people that enjoy working and are not going to make people use the latest and greatest features or equipment if it isn’t what is needed.

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