Monday, January 23, 2017

Finding time for yourself

There are so many people that say oh I just spend the weekend doing my craft and there was nothing else to do. I look at those people and wonder what they really do if they can always find the weekend to do their crafts without having to else.

Maybe, the problem is I have lots of thing that I normally have to bump something else if I want to spend even a day doing my crafts. Sure, maybe I am one of those that just has too many things on the go at any time but then it is how I think a lot of people are now a days. Between work, home, family and friends there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the week to do everything. Oh, on that list I forgot self because that is someone else that needs the time.

Finding time for yourself can be a challenge and it may take a bit of extra effort to make sure that you are finding that time no matter what. I know that I have got into the habit of trying to find at least an hour in the evenings or most evenings to do something for myself. When life gets really busy I know that my “me time” gets bumped first because I figure I need to handle everything else first and then I will fit the time in for myself.

Through a lot of this I have found that the me time that I have is where I can git and actually do my own type of meditation. The “me time” is where I can spend that bit of time thinking through the various projects and plans that I have on the go and actually figure out how some of them are going to be moved forward. The “me time” is also where I am going to think through the to-do-list and figure out how I am going to be tackling some of the things.

I may look like someone that does a lot of crafting, but in the most part, if I can find an hour or two some nights to craft that is wonderful. I also have the advantage that when I craft I pick things that I can see some results quickly. Making sure that I can find the time to do some of these projects makes me a lot happier because then when I do take that time for me I am also productive on the simple things that I enjoy doing.

Finding time for me is actually finding time to do my own type of meditation and get the thoughts back organized in my mind. Sure, I am getting something else done but through this time I find that I am more productive the next day because I have figured out a lot of those little steps that needed to be figured out.

Find time for yourself and even if it just those few minutes at the end of the day it’s great. If you are lucky and can find days at a time to do the things you enjoy, consider yourself lucky because a lot of us are finding those small bits of time to just sit and put ourselves first.

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