Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mystery allergic reactions

There are times when I have an allergic reaction and it isn’t because of something I have eaten so those are the ones that can be extremely scary.

In some cases I know that a reaction that I have had is because I have been near something that I am allergic to and it has caused a reaction even through I haven’t eaten the food. As some proteins can be airborne I can sometimes have a reaction because I have been able to breathe in the proteins of what I am allergic to and that causes the reaction.

The mystery allergic reactions are those reactions that occur when I haven’t been around any allergens that I am aware of. There have been times when I have been even at home and sitting and relaxing without any food near me only to have a reaction. If I could smell something or have touched something that I am allergic to that could explain the reaction.

For anyone that deals with severe food allergies the mystery reactions can cause a lot of fear because of course it is first trying to figure out what you are reacting to. Of course, part of the fear when you have these mystery reactions is, am I developing another allergy to something that I have eaten? These are the times that cause a great deal of fear because it means looking at what you ate not long before the reactions and also what is in the environment when the reaction occurs. For me, I know that once I have had this type of reaction it means that I am going to be very careful for a while about anything that I eat or what I am near so that I can try and figure out what is causing the reactions.

Anyone with severe food allergies always deals with the fear of having a reaction because of cross-contamination or something like that. The fear of the mystery reaction means a lot of investigation to figure out the cause and also how to prevent another one from happening. Of course, after having a mystery reaction I know I experience a fear of food even things that are safe for me because I am not sure what I reacted to or why. Sometimes the fear is even being in a certain area just because that is where the last reaction has occurred. I have had times that I haven’t wanted to be in our own living room because I have had a couple of reactions in a short time period while in that room. We have now figured out that part of the reactions that I have been experiencing in our own home, when I haven’t been eating, is something that is airborne and causing the reaction. We continue to investigate this as it can lead to a feeling of being trapped and scared because of not knowing what caused the reaction and when another one is going to happen.

For anyone with food allergies, the mystery reaction can be very scary and it can also be scary for the people around you because it happens when you have been very careful. Understanding that this type of reaction can occur and knowing what to do when they occur does help. These reactions are the same as any other reaction just the cause of them is unknown, the reaction is the same and the steps to follow are the same.

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