Tuesday, August 16, 2022

It all started with a party

For a lot of people, they meet the person that they end up marrying through work or school or something like that. For us, it was a party that we were both invited to. My now husband was invited by someone that he knew through work, and I was invited by a person that I took public transit with. Yes, it may sound interesting as there was really no thought by them about who they invited, it was they were showing pictures of a trip to India that they had recently taken.

For me, it was a simple walk up the street to the other person’s home, where I enjoyed the evening seeing pictures and getting to know a bunch of different people. I also got to meet this guy that came in a little later and seemed very nice. Yes, I wanted to get to know him a little better, but given everything, I didn’t do that during that night.

At the end of the night, this guy asked if he could walk me home, but the guy that invited me said no, that it was his duty to make sure that I got home safely. So there goes that chance of talking to this person without everyone else around. During the quick walk to my house, I told my friend off that he could have at least let the other guy with us.  After the event, my friend kept telling me that his guy had been asking about me but never asked if he could give this other guy my phone number, so I thought nothing of it.

Later in the spring, I invited my friend to an anniversary party for my parents because I saw and talked to this guy most days. Of course, the invitation had my phone number on it so that people could reply and let me know if they were coming or not. After my friend received this invitation, he asked if he could give this other guy my phone number and I said yes but told him to remember that I was going away on the Sunday for work and wouldn’t be back for just over a week.

I left on my trip not thinking about getting a phone call when I was away considering I had said that I would be away. I went about my business trip like normal and received a phone call on the Monday night, and I quickly figured it was someone replying to the invitation to the anniversary party. Well, that phone call wasn’t someone replying, but it was this guy that I had met over 4 months prior at the party. My friend had given him my number, but never mentioned that I was away on a business trip. I was out with friends so looked at the number and said I would call it back later, but my friends told me that I had to call that number back just to see who it was.

So as you can guess by now, I called that number back and talked to the person on the other end and found out he was the guy from the party. We talked for a few minutes, and I gave him my email address, as it was the easiest way to communicate while I was away. I ended the evening with friends and returned to my hotel room to find an email from this guy. Our communication started that week with emails back and forth, and he understood that I travelled for work and didn’t have a problem with that. After I returned from my business trip, we set a date of when we were going to go out on a first date. Now, what I can say is that first date was 23 years ago, and we have continued to go out on dates and still celebrate the anniversary of meeting and our first date. We also got married during this time, and he is my best friend and partner. I have thanked my friend for giving the other guy my phone number because I got a chance to meet my partner, and I am very happy about that.


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  1. This guy did give you his personal card with his contact info, but you were clearly too flustered by it all and gave it back. Silly gal, but it just adds to the whole story of our love.