Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Juggling all the demands on your time


I think I am like a lot of other people and yes, I have times when I can do things but sometimes, I feel like I just don’t have enough time to get everything done that I want to get done.  If you are like me, you will understand when I say that there are days, I don’t feel like I got anything done because I didn’t have enough time to do the things that I wanted to get done.

For a lot of us that are juggling several projects and other responsibilities it means that we must figure out a way to get the things done that need to get done and then figure out what time is left and how much energy you have left as well. There are days when I am finally able to sit back and relax, I realized that I got quite a bit done but when I was in the middle of it all it felt like nothing was getting achieved. 

One thing that I have found that helps me is my planner that I use.  I have two pages for each week and one page is the things that need to get done and the other page I write down what I accomplished.  Sure, there are days when a lot of things get accomplished and then there are those days that you can only write down a couple of little things you have done.  It doesn’t matter how much you get done, but at least at the end of the day or week you can look back and see that you have been able to accomplish more than you thought you did. On these pages, I also indicate major things that have impacted me not getting things achieved.

Juggling all the demands on your time can be a challenge, but figuring out how to see what you have accomplished is also important. We all need to know that at the end of each day that we have achieved things, even if your to-do list didn’t get finished.  Making sure that we understand, we normally put more on the list than we can accomplish in a day. 

One project at a time is the best way to do things, but I know that normally doesn’t happen, so we just have to juggle things and get as much done as we can with the time that we have. Juggling all the demands on your time is important, and how you see progress is up to you.

We all juggle both work and personal demands on our time, and understanding how to see what things get done is important. If you record your accomplishments, it is good to include both types of accomplishment, so you know you can get things done.

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