Tuesday, January 23, 2024

A concert experience

 Recently we went to a concert, and we haven’t been to one for a few years given the Pandemic and everything else. This time we decided to go and have an evening where we could forget about work and just spend the time together and enjoy the evening. The concert was to start at 8 pm, which was a reasonable time given it was during the week and people do work.

We arrived at the venue a little early as we checked and saw that the doors would open at 7 pm, which seemed reasonable for a concert hall. We arrived around 6:40 as traffic wasn’t as bad as we thought it could be and also, we grabbed a quicker dinner so that gave us time to not stress about a lot of things that could go wrong. When we arrived, there are quite a few people already waiting so we figured that the doors would be locked and of course they were. With this being early yes testing the door given no one was standing near the doors it was worth checking. Now this is when the fun starts to begin. More and more people start arriving, and this area is starting to get a little more crowded, and it was amazing how many people would immediately walk by everyone else that was standing in this area to check the door and pull on it multiple times. If a door didn’t open when I first tried it, I would assume that it was locked, but no people would pull on the door three or four times trying to get it to open.

Once the doors open which was yes at 7 pm it was time to go into the venue and for anyone with a bag, it was checking what they had in their bag, but it was a quick check and then off to get the tickets scanned and head towards the area where our seats were. It didn’t take us long to find where our section was, and we didn’t need a lot of assistance to find out where they were as we were looking at the different signs.

We spend a bit of time walking around, and they announced that doors would open to the auditorium at 7:30 so that gave us time to relax. We decided to have a glass of wine while waiting for the doors to open. It was fun doing some people watching because some people were shocked that they couldn’t immediately go to their seats once they got their tickets scanned.

The overall concert was wonderful, and we both enjoyed it a lot. The one thing that I would have to say that might have been a bit of an issue was the number of washrooms that their venue had to offer. The washrooms were only in the back centre of the venue and from what I found there were only two sets of washrooms. For a venue that has a capacity of 2,630 people, that doesn’t seem like a lot of washrooms. The other issue that we did find that there were lots of stairs getting to the various sections, so if you have issues with stairs, check with the venue before you purchase our tickets.

The overall concert experience was wonderful, and we both enjoyed our evening doing something a little different. So, if you are going to a concert, and you arrive early, and you see lots of people standing near an entrance there is a good chance that the doors are locked so just wait patiently and you will get in.



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