Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Memberships on YouTube

Recently there has been a discussion on the YouTube channel about membership and why a gift membership could not be sent to a specific person. It was getting to the point that I was about to yell because they didn’t understand what we were trying to explain to them.

This channel has a membership of $5 a month and that provides the streams from multiple locations and the chat. The chat and special membership videos are the benefits for paying the monthly fee. Of course, when the membership starts the chat was open to everyone, but then it becomes a lot harder to manage, so now the main changes that are viewed have the chat normally set to “Chat as a member”. As a result of this change, there are people that were normally chatting that are no longer chatting because they don’t have a membership.

I understand that people may not be able to afford the $5 a month, and they might not want to pay that money because of their views. I think it is up to the individual if they become a member or not. There is also the option that you can change your own settings to accept gifts. If you have this set, you may randomly receive a membership.

The discussion got to the point that this one person was complaining and wasn’t listening that the random membership is a YouTube thing and not how the channel set it up. This individual wanted to gift a membership to a specific person and not to a pool. Why should one individual get a membership gifted to them when the rest of us are paying for our own. I understand that the person that she wanted to gift a membership was normally chatting but why single someone out for a membership.

So, for now, if you are a viewer of a channel that has membership, and you want to gift a membership it will go into a pool and those that have their settings to accept gifts may get your gift.

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