Monday, February 25, 2013

Where has the word "thanks" gone

Yesterday, when we were out and about, I heard a very interesting comment from someone.  "Where has the word thanks gone."  That is so true because so often people don't remember to say a simple thanks when you do something for them.

Maybe I think about this the wrong way, but I think part of this is the "entitled generation" that expects people to do things for them without having to say thanks.  I know not everyone in that generation is like that, but it is frustrating when such a simple word is missed.  A simple word can really make a difference on how you are dealt with and respected.  The situation yesterday was an eyeglass salesperson adjusted a girl's glasses that had been bent out of shape.  Something that does take a few minutes and meant the girl could see better once it was done.  Neither the parent nor the girl said thanks, and considering there were no cost, thanks would have been really nice.  The sales person then after not getting a thanks turned and said "you're welcome" making it known that the family hadn't said anything.  The father looked a little shocked and then said thanks, but the girl never did.  I guess it really says a lot about how people deal with others.

I know the word "thanks" isn't a big deal, but it can make such a difference to how people respect you and deal with you.  Maybe just acknowledging what someone did for you with those 6 letters could make a big difference.  I know when someone says "thanks" to me for something that I have done, I feel appreciated.  Sometimes what I did wasn't such a big deal, at least I know the person appreciated what I did for them.

Remember, say "thanks" and let someone know you appreciated what they did.

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