Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Juggling many jobs

There are days that when they are over you really wonder what you got accomplished that day.  These days are what are normal for me as I juggle many jobs.

Some days when I sit back, I can see some really good results and other days I can work all day and not accomplish much of anything.  Of course, I can see that I got parts of a lot of things done, but I didn't get another finished.  Juggling many different jobs at once can really get frustrating, something, but having the variety is also very rewarding.

Everyone has days when things just done seem to get done no matter how hard you try.  There are also days that you can plow through a lot of different things and get lots done in a day.  Knowing that there are days which are good and days which are bad does help.  For those of us that juggle a number of different jobs each day, some days are odd.

I am writing this as I juggle a number of tasks, and my to-do-list seems out of control right now.  Yes, I am juggling a number of tasks, but at least I am seeing some slow results.  I may not get something completed each day, but I know I am making some progress.

Having a to-do-list really helps when you are juggling multiple jobs, otherwise you can so easily forget about some of the jobs that need your attention.  Juggling many jobs can be a challenge, but can also be very rewarding when you see the end results.

Time to stop juggling all the jobs for today and take a bit of me time.

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