Monday, January 27, 2014

Knapsacks on public transit

Nowadays, there seems to be more and more knapsacks on public transit than before. Yes, they do hold a lot of stuff and yes they are easier on your back when you are walking a distance. No, they are not to be worn when you are on public transit.

So many people who have a knapsack get on public transit and do not take their knapsack off their back. Now remember when you wear a knapsack there is almost the depth of another person on your back, so you do take up more room. Considering the knapsack doesn't have eyes and nor do most people have eyes in the back of their heads, it means the knapsack can hit other people, but the wearer doesn't know this. In some cases, I think the person that keeps moving around and bumping people with their knapsack is trying to show how good they are. What these people are actually showing is how weak they are because they are not considering others.

The TTC in Toronto makes announcements to please remove knapsacks upon entering a vehicle. Yes, they state it, but I think what the bus and streetcar drivers need to do is remind people who are wearing knapsacks to remove them from their back. The knapsack is supposed to be either put on your knee or on the floor in front of you when you are seated. I know in the winter you don't want to put it on the floor, but on your knee works. Also, if you have to stand, you can hold your knapsack by the handle like people with briefcases and purses do.

Yes, a knapsack is a great means of carrying items, but I don't like seeing it up close and personal in my face. Also, when you are trying to get out from a seat, you are that much wider when wearing the knapsack.

So please when you are taking public transit be considerate of others and remove your knapsack from your back. I paid the same fare that you did, and I deserve to have an enjoyable ride and not have to be hit by your knapsack.

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