Friday, June 6, 2014


Have you ever watching people standing in a line for something?

It is fun to watch other people as they stand in line for something. Some people can stand so patiently waiting while others will continually look at their watch or phone checking the time. In some cases, the more you check what time it is, the longer the wait seems to be. I know that I don’t like standing in a long line, but I really try to avoid checking the time too often so that I don’t get impatient.

The other people are those in the line that complain how long it is taking to get through the line-up. Sometimes people complain even when there is only one person in front of them because they figure that when they show up somewhere there shouldn’t be anyone else doing the same thing at the same time. In society today, we seem to have to stand in more lines than before, but we need to remember that most lines do more quickly.

Today I stood in a line for almost 45 minutes, and it was fun watching others in line. Some of them didn’t seem to mind the wait, while others looked very frustrated. We ended up in a conversation with a couple of people close to us in line. Maybe that made the wait not seem as long but knowing that we might have to wait before we even got there probably helped us.

Next time you are in a line waiting for something, watch the people around you and see how they are handling the wait, you might be entertained.

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