Sunday, June 8, 2014


What does solitude mean to you? Is it the quiet of nature, or is it just doing something different from the ordinary.

I know for me, solitude can be sitting somewhere quiet and enjoying the surroundings. I love being able to sit on a patio and watch my surroundings while having a meal. The best patio is somewhere where there is water close by, and you can watch the activity on the water. For some people, it is a walk along a nature trail and being able to escape all the sounds that we hear all the time now.

Have you ever sat on a dock and listened to the sounds of loons, especially on a misty morning? The sound of loons can be such a calming sound, even when it isn’t misty out. Just hearing them communicate can be very enjoyable and give you the chance to appreciate nature. Another sound that is very nice is a rippling brook as the water simply flows its way over the different rocks. Sometimes it can be as simple as putting on my headphones and escaping all the different sounds that are around me. Having a chance to escape from everything can really hope you regain a focus that you lose.

The most amazing time is when I can simply just lose myself into what I am doing, and it really doesn’t matter what is going on around it. I can be sitting in a very busy environment, but when I am happy doing my own thing, I can lose myself into it and not really hear all the noises that are going on around me.

So solitude can really vary for the person and even a given situation. A simple little thing like being happy where you are and your company can help make the biggest different.

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