Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Using Twitter

If your Twitter account is for you as a professional, remember it should be used for just that.

So often I see people that set up a professional Twitter account and then end up using it more for their personal comments than for their profession. If you want to use Twitter for your personal comments, then that is the type of Twitter account you should get up.

I know one store that set up a Twitter account, and it was supposed to be used to promote the store. Now it is being used to show pictures of the owners’ backyard, their trips and even what they are watching on TV.

The other thing people do is set up with Twitter account, so it feeds into their Facebook account, so everyone that is a Facebook friend gets to see their Twitter feed. Of course, these people also can’t figure out why no one follows them on Twitter, why should I when I already get to see what you are posting on Twitter through Facebook.

A professional Twitter account should be used for professional posts, and then have another Twitter account where you can post those other comments. Please don’t ask me why I don’t follow you on Twitter when we are already friends, and you are posting all your Twitter feed onto your Facebook account. Also, I don’t have to follow you to see what you are posting if you don’t make your posts private.

I don’t live on Twitter, so if you post sometime, you expect me to see good luck because I will probably miss it anyway.

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