Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fire Routes

Fire routes along the sides of buildings are there for a reason and that is for the safety of the people in the building. These routes are there so that emergency vehicles can access the building without vehicles being parked too close to the building.

Of course a lot of these routes are at the front doors of the buildings where people enter and exit vehicles as well as the building. What you are not supposed to do is park the vehicles in these routes and leave the vehicle.

In so many cases I have seen people park their vehicle in the way of others and get out of their vehicle and go into the building to get things. In one case the person actually got on the elevator and went up to a unit to get stuff because they had forgotten it upstairs. Now to mark it clear there are visitor parking spots that can be used for just that reason so stay in your own parking spot and get back to your unit to get the stuff you forgot.

The fire route is there for the safety of the residents as well as for the emergency responders. This area is especially important during a fire because where is debris going to fall if not right next to the building. Also this route is so that ambulances and such can get in and out quickly to deal with injured individuals. If you were injured, would you want to be delayed in getting to the hospital because someone was parked in the way?'

A fire route is there for a reason so when you are close to a building do the quick drop off or pickup of the person but remember that you need to stay with your vehicle. Also don’t argue with the fire department or police when they ask you to move your vehicle. You are the one that is in the way and they are just doing their job.

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  1. If you happen to be in the way of firefighters, you will be ordered to move out of the way, and if you don't comply, you may not be happy with the consequenses such as can be seen if you google images for 'fire hose through car'