Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ice Cream Trucks

As I live in a high density area we have ice creams trucks that frequent our street. I understand that they need to draw attention to themselves but how many times do they need to play their music.
Now I am saying this as we have either three or four ice cream trucks on our street during the summer evenings. The trucks arrive early like around 3pm and the last one leaves somewhere after the sun has set. Now the trucks drive the street before they park and play their music and then when they part they play their music some more.

In one case during one evening a truck arrived in the neighbourhood at 8pm playing their music which is a 2 minute song. It was played twice during the drive and while parking the truck so that was acceptable. Now what got really bothersome was that this same truck played the 2 minute song twice every fifteen minutes until 8:30 when he gave up and left because business was slow. The interesting thing about this truck is he doesn’t arrive at a standard time so people don’t know if he is coming or not.

Yes, ice cream trucks need to play their music but I really think there should be a limit to the frequency and the volume that they music is played.

Now if you are an ice cream truck operator and you want people to frequent your truck remember the simple things:

  1. Don’t annoy people by playing your music too loud
  2. Don’t pay your music too frequently
  3. Be around at standard times

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